Pacific Resort Aitutaki

Aitutaki is a unique Cooks Islands destination with a small local population and strong community bonds.

Pacific Resort Aitutaki is passionate about and commited to the community and environment which sustains it.

Here's how we put our philosophy into practice:

Integrate Cook Islands culture into the delivery of guest experience
  • The Arrival: All our guests are personally greeted on the island of Aitutaki with a 'flower garland' and a fresh chilled coconut beverage. For VIP guests and groups we perform the traditional welcome
  • Local Staff: At every opportunity Cook Islanders are at the front line of our operation. Cook Islanders exude natural and genuine hospitality ensuring our guests experience the authentic character and sense of the Cook Islands
  • The Setting: Blessed with a location on an ancient piece of land that includes a Marae (Sacred Meeting Place), the Pacific Resort Aitutaki decor blends in to environment, becoming just one more element of the essence of Polynesian culture – The Land, the Lagoon and the Sea
  • Entertainment: Three nights a week, and on special occasions, the resort features unique Cook Island entertainers. Solo artists or a village dance troupe with drummers and fire dances feature traditional Cook Island costumes made locally, perform traditional chants and sing and dance with wild enthusiasm
  • Food and Beverage: Produce grown on the family plantations of Aitutaki and seafood from the lagoon and ocean supply our kitchen and are prominently featured on all our menus, buffets and beverages
  • Activities: We conduct a number of cultural activities with guests including lessons in island dancing, pareu (sarong) tying demonstrations, flower garland making, ukulele, as well as traditional reef fishing excursions and our new Aquatic Eco Trail (click here to read more about our commitment to the environment).
Community Involvement 

Pacific Resort Aitutaki is active in the community:

  • We suggest the church visits on Sundays where guests can witness the beautiful church services around the Island. This spiritual interaction is seen by the local community as one of the highest compliments to our island lifestyle
  • We are supportive of the local 'Raui'. This is a traditional environmental practice which excludes entry to a small area for a limited time, so that the area may regenerate
  • We continue to support the Marine Resources 'Giant Clam' and spat programme for the regeneration of marine life in the lagoons
  • Pacific Resort Hotel Group (the owners of Pacific Resort Aitutaki) is a major sponsor of 'Vaka Eiva' which is one of the Cook Islands' major sporting events. The sport of paddling is the only truly Polynesian form of sport that has an international following and participation
  • We have sponsored a Vaka for the Vaka ama sporting code in Aitutaki
  • We operate a work experience programme for our hospitality training students in Aitutaki to achieve industry standards.

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